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Teh Crack Owns You --

You Know You Want It....

A yaoi friendly RP with Dash Of Crack
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Rolep. We know. It's crack. Deal.

We take any layouts/colorbars/icons you want us to use.

This community owned by anime_gir or, now better known as, __katreusaki and golfballs

[What is this RP you speak of?]

Well, lesse... your average FMA RP, per say. Throw in whatever you want: Drama, crack, humor, romance, action; all that good stuff. ^^ Basically, a place where FMA characters can do just about anything. Date, travel, roam aimlessly, the like.~ Stay in character or not (although most stay in character, so it's the preffered.~). Give your guy or girl a miserable or happy day. Just enjoy yourself (and follow the rules, dang it XD)!

[Wait, where are we?]

We're in the FMA world, of course! :D Although, if you want to, you can have your character travel through the Gate or sail somewhere off of Rizembool! Something! As long as it fits with FMA, be our guest. :3 In other words, feel free to be an Alter!world character or one of the regular characters! ^^ Also, the FMA characters do have access to common technology for whatever reason, so if your guy or girl wants a TV to watch soap operas, go for it.

[What about the boys (and girls) in blue?]

Well, the military officers have their usual starting positions in office (i.e. Armstrong's a major, Roy's a colonel, Havoc's a lieutenant, Hughes and Archer are lieutenant colonels, etc.). If you want your military dude or dudette to advance or be in the military, just ask the King himself and present an application! That or wait for some higher ranking officer to come and ask you to, although the chances of that seem kind of unlikely. Anyway, just use this form if you want to apply and find out the King's word on it:

Alchemy (what stuffs of it can you do or not do or can you not do alchemy at all? or maybe you just know some important stuff about it that'll get you up and running in office?):
Position (Lieutenant [1st or 2nd XD]? Sergeant? Warrant Officer? Whatever you're applying for! XD If you're new to the military-ness, I'd suggest one of the lower ranks. If you want to advance your already instated alchemist, just state what you'd like to advance to):
Previous Position (for those who are advancing):
Relations (do you know anyone in the military or have any relatives? could get you in if the King likes them..~):
Information (just tell the King a couple of reasons or the reason why you should be in the military/a higher position and the like):

And, if you want, feel free to plead for which officer's jurisdiction you get to go under or just see what the King will decide. Best of luck! :D

[What about my character?]

Try and keep them in as much character as possible, but feel free to be cracktastic. We won't hold it against you!

As far as being in canon goes, you don't have to if you don't want to. For instance, we have TONS of dead characters that are alive. Barry and Al are human and not hunks of armor. No one seems to know that Bradley is Pride but the homunculi (so far >3). People can randomly cross-over from the Gate (somehow). Archer isn't half automail-ized. And so on. We're not encouraging you to be in or out of canon, so do as you see fit to fufill your RP experience.

We do allow OC characters (as in original characters, for those who don't know)! Also, your character can be from anything that is technically FMA as in from the manga, the series, the movie, or the games!

Your character can have whatever kind of sexual preference they want.~ We accept any and all pairings as long as the RPer of the character you have or are trying to have a relationship with is alright with it. If it's one of your own characters, then go right ahead! No approval required.~

Your character can live wherever they feel like in the FMA world, too.~ Feel free to have them dress how they like, eat what they like, go where they like, etc. as long as you follow the rules.~

[What about other characters?]

Simply put, they'll do what they want while following the rules, too. They might be a bastardish or sweet character. You'll find out in due time!

But on a more important note: NO GODMODDING.

You can't use, play, or do something to another character being roleplayed by someone else if you know they aren't alright with it or haven't given them a heads-up about it. If they tell you they don't like your idea or action or whatever, don't do it. If they approve, then go right ahead with your bad self.

Think of it as the rule with relationships. No relationship if you don't get the approval from your possible boyfriend/girlfriend/lover/fiance/wife/husband/etc. and that's that.

[You guys roleplay?]

Yep. We mainly use AIM and MSN, so any of those is a preffered selection.

If you roleplay with fellow RPers of the community, then post them in h_n_rolep_logs. You can have whatever kind of RP you want if your fellow RPer or RPers are all for it.

When posting logs be sure to label your roleplay with a standard rating in range from G to NC-17 or at least alert the people who might read your logs what you have featured in the log's contents. After all, some people might not want to read yaoi or yuri or hentai or just aren't interested in certain things. Whatever. Anyway, getting to the point of things, just follow the below standard post for your logs:

Characters (who's involved in this log?):
Place (where are you guys at in the log?)?:
When (not time exactly, but where along the timeline of the RP are you or what day or days did you have this RP and such on. You can even put something like 'A random day this winter week' or something.~):
Warnings (what content should we know about before reading?):
Rating (what, based on the content of your log/RP, would you rate it? and, remember, G through NC-17.~):
Summary (a brief explanation about the RP, no need to go in-depth on it):

Also, I'd recommend using tags for your logs, just in case people don't bother reading the above. Mainly characters names and ratings.~

If we ever get the spare time, we'd like to put the logs in an assortment in the memories section of the community for quick reference, so I'd suggest putting some sort of fitting title for it or suggest a good one for when/if we construct the memories.

[Okay, okay! Can I apply now?!]

Sure! Just go here: Apply here!

For application standards, please use this little bit here:

AIM or MSN sn/email so we can reach you:
Information (woo a new feature, huh? just tell us any important things about your character you want us to know.. especially for the OCs. stuff like what jobs they're doing, sexual preference, where they live, goals, etc.):
Sample Post (just give us a taste of what we should expect from you~):

After you apply, wait to be approved by both lain_27 and __katreusaki aka your mods. If you're approved, you can then create your character's journal. Be sure to reply to the mods with your character's journal so we can add you to the list and not have to bother you about what your character's journal is.

Also, be sure to check on the character list before applying so we don't have to be the bearers of bad news if you ever applied for a taken one.

And, on a larger note, you can have up to 5 characters! This includes FMA characters and OC characters. You don't have to have a certain number (well, at least one since you're IN the RP), but the limit to how many is just five.

At the moment, we're working on a quick way to add the other characters of the RP to your friends stuff, so check back later for it! In the mean time, if you haven't already, go on and add everyone in the community!

[Anything else, Miss Mod?]

One more thing! Okay... two. JUST TWO.

First off, feel free to ask your two mistress mods anything. ^^ We'll help you out if you're having any trouble with someone or something or are just confused. Alert us via email at any time!

And, last but not least, have fun!

[Character List]

Characters Taken So Far

+Full Metal Alchemist+

♥Alphonse Elric by ironical_kai under the name mysweetavarice

♥Barry the Chopper by golfballs under the name barryberrykix

♥Cain Fury by theawesomenest under the name sugarcain

♥Dorochet by taqc under the name dogandoxshow

♥Edward Elric by magujie_kasei under the name edo_chibichan

♥Envy by morningxstorm under the name acrimonious_sin

♥Frank Archer by ironical_kai under the name anatomy_of_aoi

♥Gluttony by amaru_k under the name _glutton_______

♥Gracia Hughes by amaru_k under the name kikon_no_okasan

♥Greed by ironical_kai under the name mysweetavarice

♥Jean Havoc by theawesomenest under the name colonelmustang

♥Katherine Elle Armstrong by anime_gir (now known as __katreusaki) under the name shykatherine

♥Lore by taqc under the name dogandoxshow

♥Maes Hughes by jugglesgeese under the name l_c_maes_hughes

♥Martel by golfballs under the name bushi_hebi_kun

♥Riza Hawkeye by i_found_jesu and has yet to be named

♥Roy Mustang by theawesomenest under the name colonelmustang

♥Scar by anime_gir (now known as __katreusaki) under the name scarofsloth

♥Schieska by ragnarokfinis under the name ragnarokfinis

♥Shou Tucker by ironical_kai under the name sewing_life

♥Sloth by anime_gir (now known as __katreusaki) under the name scarofsloth

♥Winry Rockbell by amaru_k under the name bolts_over_boys

♥Zolf J. Kimblee by golfballs under the name splodey_chan

+Non Player Characters+

♥Fuhrer King Bradley by golfballs under the name the_proud_king

+Original Characters+

♥None yet♥

Enjoy your time in this community, we made this thing because we love FMA, its characters; its plot; its everything, and we love making fun of it.